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Algo trading is known as Algorithmic Trading where the trade is done by computer software in place of human with the help of formulas. The order which is given to the software in terms of formula the Software consider it as Order and trades accordingly.

Why Algo – Trading?

This is the easiest way to earn money without getting much involved as well as for doing this  we have to  get the permission from NSE than only we can work on this and we feel happy to announce that we have recognised as trusted company by NSE and got the permission to work on the software to make trade easy and fast.

Advantages of Algo-Trading

Emotionless Trading

There is no greed of buying and earning money and fear of getting loss as computer do not have any feeling which make it more good, until and unless computer do not make profit from the trading it do not leaves the trade position. Loss which could be made by emotional trading can be prevented with this.

High Frequency Trade

We can do trade in any time frame and place unlimited orders without any interruption and confusion.

Reduction of Error

Due to emotional and psychological factors common among human beings. Algo-trading is essentially neutral.

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    Best stock market psychologist

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