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Trade your way to Success 

Trading workshop Program Led by Kumar Siddharth at Leela Ambience’s  Auditorium.

Trade your way to Success 

Trading workshop Program Led by Kumar Siddharth at Leela Ambience’s  Auditorium.

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Getting started in the stock market can be, intimidating, having all the knowledge in the world cannot tackle the uncertain outcomes in the market. And certainly the absence of a Teacher that can teach you the Ins & outs. This can be even more intimidating, well our prime motive is to have every B2B meetup, Every After-school program, Every single individual aiming to be a trader or have a balanced investment portfolio or even knowing how to grow money by money. 

To remove all these doubts our ‘Workshop Program’ serves the best to your purpose. 

Just provide in your details for the ‘Slot and Timing’ , We’ll have the best of Course and Teacher at your location.

“Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability”

Cost Reduction

With Algo trading, traders don’t have to spend much time monitoring the markets, as trades can be executed without Continuous Supervision. The dramatic Time Reduction for trading lowers transaction costs because of the saved opportunity cost of constantly monitoring the markets.

No Emotional Involvement

One of the biggest advantages of Algo trading is the ability to remove human emotion from the markets, as trades are constrained within a set of predefined criteria. Why this is an advantage is because human trades are susceptible to emotions that lead to irrational decisions. The two emotions that lead to poor decisions that Algo traders aren’t susceptible to are fear and greed.


Due to the Nature of Automated Trading , it helps provide a consistent means for analyzing and placing orders based on Price actions, Chart Patterns, Volume and Trends. The users get a Unique Opportunity for acquiring consistent benefits of profit booking with latest and updated strategies for reacting to specific market movements and behavior based on pre-defined algorithmic settings.

Instant Order Entry Speed

As the Algorithmic bots are connected to the exchanges and their trading interfaces through real-time API sockets, it allows the Algorithms to read data and place orders in a matter of nanoseconds, giving a lag free experience and a smooth User Interface to focus on the strategies rather than the technicalities of Trading.

Our Partners

Incorporated in the year in 2013 in Erode (Tamil Naidu, India), Zebu Wealth has progressed eventually as a stand-alone organization and attained the leading position in the financial industry in a short period. It intends to provide a varied range of products that can be feasible for your present and future financial needs. It also offers a safe and secure trading platform through which investors can trade smartly.

Incorporated in 2006, Alice Blue is a Bangalore based discount stock broker offering stock and commodity Trading services at BSE, NSE, and MCX. Alice Blue also offers depository service (demat account) through its membership with CDSL . Alice Blue Financial Services has a network of 17 branches located in major cities across India. These branches offer personalized broker service to customers. It also has 1000+ Partners across India.

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Online Courses

Our very own course tailor-made for you, taking you from the basics of stock market to the knowledge base of a full-fledged trader, our course details takes you from a Beginner’s level and gets you going in the fullest manner. Not only that you’ll be handed everyday prediction, and in-time you can start predicting it yourself, all this available at your fingertips .



Share Market Online Programs & Educational Services
Share Market Online Programs & Educational Services
Best stock market Psychologist in india

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Looking for the stock market services. Recomonded as the best stock market psychologist in India. Thousands of happy clients all around India. Join Now.  When I met him I was stunned with his great knowledge of stock market world and then I realized why he is known as a stock market psychologist and a great mentor.

 – Rajeev Sharmaa , CEO , Nktech

A humble personality and a veteran of stock market world. His understanding of the market is excellent. I would like to label him as the best stock market psychologist in IndiaWhat a great personality with a great knowledge.

 – Priyanka Shrivastav , Sales Head , GreaterNoidaBN
Best stock market Psychologist

Hi, I Kumar Siddharth, I would like to know you, even more, my motive is to De-jargonize the entire field of the stock market for you, No worries! , head over to any of my Social Media, to gain the required knowledge, I promise you won't be disappointed ;). And we have created a special feedback panel for you. Any Doubts? Feel Free to let us know.

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    Best stock market psychologist in India

    Stock market psychologist

    Best stock market psychologist

    Share Market Online Programs & Educational Services